How to implement a set up which asks the user to answer a different set of questions depending on a dropdown list selection

Hi, I’m looking for the best way to implement a scenario where the user is presented with a set of questions to answer depending on a dropdown answer they picked previously. In particular I’m looking for the best way to store this information with regard to entities and associations. The context is a health insurance claims Lets say the dropdown menu has 3 claim-type possibilities:  ClaimA  ClaimB ClaimC   Each answer would correspond to a set of roughly 6 questions for the user to answer about their claim. I would need to display the information back to the user in a dashboard also once the information is gathered via the form.  What I was thinking in terms of approach:  Main entity would be called claims which would have an association to the entity that has the dropdown menu information as to what answer the user picked. Claims would have the fields: claim_type (which would be the answer from the dropdown) and is_active Then other entities (ClaimA_Questions, ClaimB_Questions, ClaimC_Questions) which would store the questions.  I’m not sure is the above the best entity approach or how I can display a form based on the answer of the dropdown, what’s the best approach here?    Thanks in advance for the help!  
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Look at Appstore module Questionaires. It is an oldie, but it will be an inspiration, maybe a complete solution.