Utilizing Data Backup from Production Build in Test Build

Hello!  So with the app I’ve been working on, we have been looking into being able to create backups of all of the data that is stored within the cloud database of our app. Originally we were looking into creating custom export/import functionality with exporting all of the data to Excel files that could then be imported, however the process with all of that is looking to be far more complicated than originally perceived. The end goal is we want to be able to save a total backup of all of the data for all of the entries that are stored within our app. While we certainly want to be able to have this backup to be able to restore our production build in the event of a database crash, we also want to be able to take the production build data and import it into our test build so that we can test our app using the real-world data. I had been reading a bit about Mendix’s data backup functionality, and was wondering if this is something that would work for scenarios like the ones I had listed? If this turns out to be a viable solution, it would save a great many hours of configuration and development time. Thanks!
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You can create database backups on PROD and restore them on another environment, e.g. TEST. Read more about it here: https://docs.mendix.com/developerportal/operate/backups

What you should keep in mind is that you might have configuration data in your PROD database dump that you might not want on the TEST environment, e.g. email configuration data. In combination with automated processes (scheduled events), this could lead to unwanted situations (e.g. emails send out from TEST which should not go out).