how to save an association using custom microflow

Hi, I have two tables, Overtime_Request and Employees which are associated. When saving the data, I am first storing the employee details to a temporary table and then retrieving the values and storing the data to the actual employees table using a microflow.But the associations are not getting saved. I read in one of the forum questions that we can retrieve and save it. How can we do that? I have attached my microflow below: Thank you Sherlin
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From your screen shot I can’t really see how you are saving the association now, but:

Depends a bit on which way the association is going, but assuming that 1 Employee is connected with * Overtime_Request objects, you should:

- First create the employee object. 
- Then create the Overtime_Request and within this action set the relation to Employee with $NewEmployee


If the association is going the other way( 1 Overtime_Request is associated with * Employees):

- First create the Overtime_Request object

- Then create the Employee object and within this action set the relation to Overtime_Requestwith $NewOvertime_Request