Can I build an analytics app with Mendix?

I am creating a survey app with Mendix that collects data from answers to over 50 questions, I believe this is stored over a database, now I would like to know if I could use this data and create a bunch of plots and analytical results, my question also includes if I need to make this analytics app independent of the survey app or could they be created in the same environment? If I need to use different apps, is it possible to connect to the database of the survey app and use that data over the analytics app I create?
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You can do the analytical part inside Mendix. To create nice graphs you need a module from the appstore:

Documentation can be found here:

But exporting data can also be done so you can do the analyses part in another program if you prefer that. There are multiple ways to transfer the data. A csv dump is easy but REST or OData services are also not very hard to build.

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