How to select attributes to reflect at a runtime?

Hi, Suppose I have 10 attributes in an entity, and I want to select only 8 attributes out of 10 at runtime and data for that 8 selected attributes should be displayed. Can anyone help me on how can I achieve this functionality ? Thanks in advance !!’
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Create a page with the 10 attributes.

Add boolean attributes to use in the conditional visibility.

The selection of the attributes can be achieved by a “hard-coded” implementation. For example create an entity with an enumeration attribute. The values of the enum are the attribute names. Create 10 the 10 records in the entity, one for each enum value. DIsplay the records in a datagrid and add a microflow action on the grid, passing the selection.

Based on these records and the enum values you can set the booleans and then display the record.

Other option which is more flexible could make use of the Model reflection module. Select the attributes from there and set the booleans by means of some custom java action.