Problems getting a local database uploaded to a node

Hi, I'm trying to upload a local db to a node. I'm trying to follow the info on this page, chapter 5. One of the first issues is the backup of the local db. I've a Postgres db 9.16.21 and the pg_dump is 9.6.21 as well. The documentation states that it must be 9.6.17 or lower. I've not been able yet to find pg_dump 9.6.17 to download. And, if I would, would it work with a 9.6.21 db … the 9.5.25 pg_dump version is not working – incompatible versions. So, my first questions are: Is it possible to upload a backup of a local db version Postgres 9.6.21 version to a Mendix node at all? How do I create the db? If it is true that I can only use a pg_dump 9.6.17 version and this works in combination with a 9.6.21 db, where can I get this pg_dump 9.6.17 version?   Follow on questions will be about the .metadata file and how to determine the values that must be added to this file. But that's for later, after I actually have a backup that should work :-) Thanks for reading! Toon Verschoor
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It’s possible the documentation is outdated. I would say just try with your current backup file.


If it doesn’t work and you need it exported as 9.6.17:

  1. First, export your current data from 9.6.21 to SQL format ( )
  2. Second run postgresql server 9.6.17 (either via docker on windows or Linux, or via WSL)
    1. or try 9.5.25 from (it’s older so should be fine)
  3. Restore your exported data in SQL format into 9.6.17
  4. export the data as described in Mendix docs with pg_dump


The trick is to export to SQL format so that it’s PG version independent.


If I recall the metadata file is ignored when you upload an archive to the backup system in Mendix cloud. It’s only for your reference.

Good luck