Database node operating system memory - swap usage

Hi, I have a question about the Database node operating system memory. As you can see on the screenshot below, we have a lot of Freeable memory left over, but why is the database already using the Swap usage instead of using some of the Freeable memory? When the database uses the Swap usage, the application becomes slower. And what are the best solutions to prevent this?   Thanks in advance!
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Hi Pieter,

I believe it is very hard to make a valid statement on your question based on the graph presented. Why did you go into researching these graphs? What is the problem you are investigating? Most of the times with questions like yours there is a performance problem where the graphs are only symptoms and not causes.

If performance is the issue i suggest that you take a good look at the application itself: when do peaks/reduced responsiveness occurr? What logic is being executed at that time? Is the logic efficient and well stuctured? Since when did the issue occur?

Maybe the learning path can be of use?

I think that will give you pointers to further investigate.

I hope this helps.


I double this. Having the same thoughts.