Creating Objects in a nanoflow using a while loop

I want to take input of the ‘number of buildings’ we want to create against a ‘Survey’ entity. The survey and the building entity has a 1 to many association. I am calling the ‘create object’ activity inside a while loop in a nanoflow, to create x number of building objects and commit them in the database so that they may appear in a list view later in a page. My app shows no error however no objects get created in my database after I run the app locally and test. What am I doing wrong here. I see no errors.    I am using Mendix 9.0.5
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It looks like you're not setting the Building_Survey association in your ‘Create activity’. And you are not updating your Survey object with the count / # buildings? Refresh your Survey object in client at the end of the nanoflow to get the listview to display the Building object made.