ExcelImporter Module only importing up to 1000 rows

So we are trying to utilize the Excel Importer module to import a file that has approximately 1670 rows. After importing the file through a combination of the Import Template and Import Overview pages, when I go to view the data imported through the Excel file through a data grid, looking at the paging button item counter tells me that only 1000 rows of data are present in the database. I know the “Export to Excel” button allows you to specify the maximum number of rows to export to a .xlsx file, however after looking through the Java action code for that specific Excel Importer action, and through the Excel Importer module for any constants, it seems there’s no settings that involve setting a maximum for the number of Excel rows to import. Could this be an issue with the data that could be causing this problem? We are missing about 1/3rd of our data in the app currently, so knowing what’s causing this to happen would be a huge help. Thanks!
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I was actually able to solve this! Turns out one of the string attributes in the entity that was connected to the Excel file I was uploading had an issue with its length that was causing problems. Thanks guys!