How to take input in a one-to-many association

I want to take the values of ‘categoryName’ and ‘applianceName’ through a web page. The user can enter a category, and against each category, the user can enter multiple appliances. I do not understand how I should go about making a webpage that takes such input. When I call a dataview within a dataview, I do not see the appliance over category_appliance association.  I am attaching screenshots for reference.  I am developing a Native app using mendix 9.0.5
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Hi, Faiqa Ejaz,

                      If you want to create multiple appliances for single Category object. you can do like this. For your reference, i am sharing some screenshots. I hope, it will help you. If this solved your problem , you can mark it as Accepted answer.

Step 1 :  Create a page with Category as a context entity


Step 2 : Add this microflow in Add Appliances microflow call button

Step 3 : Create a page with Appliances as a context object


Step 4 :  Add this microflow in a Save button





you should use a ListView, not a DataView. DataViews are only for showing a single object instance.