Display data from the response to the page

Please help, because I have a little time left to finish the work! I apologize, but I spent a lot of time finding a solution. I just need to display some data from the response I received after the REST POST request (http://json-parser.com/876dbfa3) on the last page of the application. What I tried: When I did Import Mapping, the entities that formed in the Domain Model "clashed" with others, because the objects created for import mapping have the same name as the already existing entities in the Domain Model. After that, I selected to map only those objects that I need (second and third screenshot), but I think it is not a good attempt and that JSON will not be imported (I see that only the Root3 object is available as a parameter). In data view I can only select the '_id' attribute from the 'Root3' object, but I don't get the printed data. Whatever I tried didn't work. Thank you!               EDIT:    
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Kindly have a look of below mentioned learning path it will be useful for you.



Seems ok, what is the problem? Are you getting data?

Most easy way to find out is to set your response handling to  “Store as a string" and show the string in a message

If you get data, you should go tthrough the entities by receiving them over association and then show them in a message, or form..



While creating JSON structure, use only objects you needed. While creating a import mapping select the entity already there (Persistant) rather than creating a new entity by studio pro based on the JSON. So that the data you import directly updates to the related entity, if you would like do before commit those changes, use an event handler and select before or after option  commit to make changes to the data.