Orphan User Account

I am not sure how it happened but I have a user account that does not show up when I pull up user accounts using overview page .. but when I try to create a new local user with the same userid .. I get an error saying the userid already exists. Is there an easy to see that orphan record and fix it?
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Hi Bhanu Gandluri,

I have also ran into the same issue, but instead of deleting the account, i used a Different mechanism to assign userole for that Account. 

I used excel importer and used Syncronize objects and syncrinzed the Account entity . basicaly in my Excel sheet i just had Name (user name ) and another columns for User role. 
In the tempolate settings i used Syncronize objects and marked the Name column as key and mapped the next column to user roles via association. 
By doing like this the acocunt will be assigned a userole and and it will be seen in the Account Over view page.

From next time i recomend not to delete the acocunt vai microflow sincenew development is needed, instead you can follow how  I did , it just a UI work by configuring a template and Uplaoding the sheet. 

Kidnly let me know if you have any further queires, I am gald to help you out.

Please acceot my answer if the solution suits for you !!


What user role does the account have (if any) and is your own user role allowed to see users with that role (or users without role)? Check Project > Security > tab User roles, open your own role and at the bottom, check what user roles you can manage.