Error in Storing value in DB

I am taking 2 values (quantity and watt) as input and calculating ‘netwattw’ from it (netwattw = quantity * watt) and storing in the DB. After this calculation, I calculate ‘netkwatt’ using the formula (netwattw * 0.001). I am facing an unusual problem. All these values are getting calculated correctly and I see the correct output when I run the app in debug mode (for netwattw, netkwatt, quantity, watt), however, when I check my SQL DB, the ‘’netwattw’ attribute is not being stored and all the other attributes get just fine.     I do not see how this could happen as my netkwatt depends on netwattw and the value of netkwatt is correctly stored in DB however netwattw is 0.. What could be wrong here..     Attaching screenshots here. 
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Please check, what variable are you using  to update in the Activity “ Change Loadsheet NetwattW”. You may be using wrong variable there. You are getting all other correct is because at other places you might be using the correct variable.