Edit built-in Database with DB Beaver?

Hi,  is it possible to modify the built-in database with the DB Beaver? I tried to open the folder “….-main\deployment\data\database” it with a HSQL connection, but I don’t see any data. I would like to delete a single entry of a table. Thank you!
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Hi Tjark, 

When running locally with an HSQL database, you can always view and interact with the local database from the built-in view in studio pro. (see here: https://docs.mendix.com/howto/collaboration-requirements-management/sharing-the-development-database#5-starting-the-database-viewer) This viewer also allows you to run arbitrary SQL statements, so you can delete your record this way:

-- sample delete
DELETE FROM "PUBLIC"."myfirstmodule$post" where "id" > 0

Of course, you could also just build a microflow or page that gives you access to delete the record as well :)