Filtering drop downs data

How can I associate a drop-down selection with the next drop-down to only show de data according to the option selected in the first Drop-down? For example:  1st Drop-down: 3 Areas. 2nd Drop-down: Only the departments of the previously selected Area. If I change the Area, the departments list would change. Any advice?
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If you have a data model looking like this:

As you can see: a Company has multiple Materials as can a Material have multiple Companies, same for Characteristic. 2 many-to-many associations (the same can be achieved with 1-to-many associations btw) you can basically get the behavior you want just by using Listviews- and listeners:

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I can think of the following two solution, ofcourse there can be more depending upon your data model design;

- populate the next dropdowns using a microflow by using the values selected in the previous dropdowns,

- using the ‘Constrained by’ option by selecting the relevant association