Easiest way to update bulk records

Hello All, I have a requirement that from excel we can upload 500 records. Example : CustomerStaging Entity FirstName String Last Name String Age : String (Kept as String knowingly)   Once this records are uploaded I wish to perform validation on it and update it accordingly. If First Name is missing then update error message = ‘Please enter First Name’ If Last Name is missing then – If error message is empty then ‘Please enter First Name’ else ‘Please enter First Name | Please enter Last Name’ like wise        3. Similarly If error message is empty then ‘Please enter Age’ else ‘Please enter Last Name | Please enter Age’   I do not want to use decision notes else it can true or false. And then for next condition I have to add in both true and false that would make my decision flow very very complex.  Also if I have made some common Rule to validate empty String, Integer and Date format, So I would try to call them for each field instead of writing of writing the same rule for particular data type again.  All the column data will be validated and error message will be appended. I have done the same in my database function using the CASE condition and it easy to check condition. But I am not able to find how to do it in Mendix in a faster way. First Microflow will be called after Excel upload the data in staging table.   This second microflow will be called for each record in the list But this approach I am not able to call Rule which validate string First Name and Last Name, so I have to duplicate the same code. If later the validation changes, I need to do it multiple places which would not good and will required lot of change. I wish to call some generic Rule like this for String, Integer, Date fields to validate them Decision Box Content :  if $inputString = empty then    false else if length(trim($inputString)) = 0 then    false else    true Kindly advise.
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It seems like you can still use the rule to me, just use something like this:

Or am I missing something from your post?