Retrieve actions not stopping

Hi all,  I’ve noticed the Database CPU usage and database connections maxing out since an update we deployed to the Production environment. I am going through each change and seeing if any of them could have cause this problem.  Does anyone have any thoughts as to why a retrieve action would not stop? Some of the ones I’ve attempted to kill had been going for 400,000 seconds (over 4.5 days!).  
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Check your Xpath that you are retrieving by, some Xpath needs to be reordered to help you get the right performance of the retrieve if it’s a complex XPath you need to simplify it, also is there a multi retrieve or loop inside the microflow? and check your server config of how much open connection you have to the DB maybe you need to increase them, and check the log if you are facing a deadlock error or not, as this long retrieve could be a result of more than one reason.