Database connector query problems

I am trying to use the database connector to get data from an SQL database, but when I run the app I get an error and the console error (seen below) says “ Invalid column name '000000000000000001'. ” Before this I was getting syntax errors for my SQL argument, which can also below. I am trying to pull the two columns MATNR and MAKTG, but I only want the rows where MATNR=000000000000000001. I’m not sure why Mendix is recognizing the number as a column, and I thought that I could simply put the query I would have used in SQL verbatim into Mendix.  
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Update: I figured it out, if anyone has the same problem in the future this should help…

I was using execute query in my microflow when I should have been using execute parameterized query. Once you use execute parameterized query you can save parameters (for me that was “000000000000000001”) and then reference them in your query with braces.