Maximum number of Users with Mendix App

Hi, I wanted to check about your experiences with the performance of Mendix Apps for high number of users,   especially with the default database HSQL. What is the maximum number of concurrent users you have seen in your experience?  We are designing an app for 30,000+ registered users and approx. 1000+ concurrent users, any tips on dos and don’ts especially with respect to the Database Selection. Regards, Shekhar
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This depends highly on the logic in your application and how well it performs in general. I once worked on an application with very complex logic that had issues dealing with ~400 users, but that one wasn't very well optimized yet.

If you're looking at very high user counts, I would definitely look into splitting up your application into multiple microservices. That way, you can keep the front end application quick and snappy for the users, while all the heavy lifting is done by other services in the background. 

Other than that, keep a very close eye on everything that might impact performance. Use all the warnings Mendix gives you to your advantage, and use performance monitoring tools where possible.