Particular object data i want to show in my dashboard

There are 10 objects in the database, but I want particular object details and how to fetch from the database.  Example – In the bank there are lots of accounts when we give account no of a particular its show that account,    How to do in Mendix dynamically ?  can anyone give any suggestions?   I am using Mendix 9.3.0      
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Depends on the scenario.

At first some basics; 

  1. If you want to display a single object use a Dataview
  2. A Dataview requires an object at ALL times (as opposed to a list, which can be empty)
  3. Datasource of a dataview
    1. Context; the item opening the page MUST pass an object. i.e. a selection of a list or microflow which opens the page.
    2. Microflow/nanoflow, will run when page is opend, logic in the microflow will determine the object
    3. Listen to; show the selected object of a list in the SAME page


Your requirement; Not sure what your source of the single object is. I do have 2 ideas

  1. Show a single object after selection in a list
    => Datasource = Context connect page to onclick action of list or button inside context of the list object.
  2. Showing one particular object according to a specific definition; i.e. show your own account details
    => Datasouce = Microflow, which retrieves the required object from the database and returns it on the microflow end point as object (tick FIRST as range!!)

Dear Shaikh,

You will need to be more specific. As such, what you are asking is easily achievable by generating the overview pages of your entity by right clicking on the entity in the domain model. You mentioned you have a dashboard so, may be if you share more,  we can understand your problem better.