How can I get the backstage data in Mendix?

Dear Mendix community, I want to view the backstage data directly in mendix. For example, some people have registered accounts on my app. How can I view their Username or Password directly like a database? Where is the Mendix database? Thankyou.
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Hey Aloami,

Here is where Mendix will shine for you in tremendous ways. I say it like this cause it’s arguably my favorite functionality.

First you would have to make sure your Domain model in place, then follow below steps (image for reference). 

  1. Right-click your module you want Database view pages for
  2. Scroll down and click “ Generate Overview Pages “
  3. Mendix will Generate your Database pages + Create and Edit pages
  4. Go to navigation in your project explorer and set a show page to one of these pages for your administrator role or any other role to look at the data. 
  5. The Overview pages will have other links to other pages for you to view data for so no manual input should be required. 


I think the easiest way to do this, is to create a page which is only visible for you and then show the corresponding data in a list view.

If you’re using the Administration module there even is a template for the user management inside the module.


If your question is how to query the database as a developer by directly connection to it. You need do it from Studio Pro, when you run the app, you can go to the Advanced Menu as below on the console and click on “Start Built in Database Viewer”. 


A new window will open up, as below where you can run all your queries in SQL