Issue with IBM DB 2 connectivity

Hi, I am not a developer but I am helping one of our clients with this issue. He is trying to connect IBM DB 2 with Mendix and whilst he is able to do so successfully, due to some security protocols on the IBM DB 2 side, some of the data is not visible on the Mx side. He would also like to see data history being reflected in the Mx side as well if possible. Does anyone know a workaround to this? Or perhaps offer some advice? Many thanks!
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The Mendix database connector creates a JDBC-based connection to a database in order to run queries. Your access to specific tables depends on the credentials and possibly other parameters in the connection string.

I think in order to assist further, we need more details about the issue. Is the developer unable to access tables that he thinks should be accessible? What do mean when you refer to “data history”?