How do I create a function to count records?

I need to create a function/ expression to count all forms filled out and then display it as a time series and a basic text box of “Completed forms: X”. I want this to be completed on the studio version not the studio pro. Any help or advice would be much appreciated! 
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First do a retrieve action from Db on your Form object and use Aggregate list and choose Count operation and pass the Form list which you retrieved, you will get the count.



You can try following way for this case,

  1. Create a non-persistable entity with count as attribute.
  2. In a page we can have data view data source as Microflow, create a microflow for data source.
  3. In data view add a Text Box widget and add count parameter from returned Count entity. Using add attribute.

  4. Hope this helps, 

    Thank you.