Percentage in Column

Hi All,  How can i create a Column with Percentage type? Thanks
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 i don't really understand you but i think what you need to use is the  Decimal type to represent  Percentage see here 99%

and you could format it as Percentage using the following function


You can do this in two ways:

  1. Add a new attribute to your object that is a string, and save your number as a string with a % behind it. You then display this string attribute in the column.
  2. Use styling to add a % after each number in that column. 


The first one is easier if you're not particularly into custom styling, but it does take up a little bit of extra database space. The second one could be accomplished with code like this (credit to Tim van Steenbergen, who wrote this snippet)

.MyClass :after{ content: '%'; right: +5px; }



Thank you Mohamed, 

I need exactly Percentage icon, near the Decimal number