Copy Column(attribute) value to another Column

Hi All, How to store substring(split by ‘-’) value of an attribute in a entity to another attribute in the same entity. If the value in source attribute is updated target attribute values also needs to be updated. Thanks in Advance!!
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Depending on certain factors, you'll either want to do this with a before commit Event Handler (if you want to make sure it's <always> updated), or add it to your save microflow after any changes to the source attribute are made (for instance, if you only want it to be updated when the attribute is changed in a single place). 

Either way, in your flow, make sure you have the $Object you want to change, then use a change object activity where you fill the new attribute with substring($Object/SourceAttribute, find($Object/SourceAttribute, ‘-’) + 1) or something similar, depending on whether you need stuff after the dash or before it.