How to views uploaded Document particular filed

 I'm Woking on an application I want to as per requirements for users filling the form with documents like age proof,user any documents uploded as pER available and i have create another one filled this filed user can upload documents properties so then thoes documents ajent can view document as per create specil filed wise how to possible  i have create entities and genrlization with  the file document entities 
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Yes, as mentioned, you may use Enumeration to specify the documents.


Could not really understand your question fully. 

Based on what ever I could understand:

- If you want to capture the type of the document for every document being uploaded, you can add a specialized entity for FileDocument like for example: AgeProof

- In that entity, you can add a new field of type ENUM and define all your document types there

- When User is uploading the document, make the Document type field mandatory so, it will be filled by user

If the above does not answer your question, then please re-phrase your question in proper English so everyone can understand.