Mendix GUID generation

We have an entity with millions of records in the database.  Our idea is to replicate these records to an external database using the DatabaseConnector module and delete them from the Mendix database. Is it possible to keep the Mendix GUID as the primary key in the new database? We did not find in the documentation how Mendix generates a GUID.  I'm afraid Mendix might regenerate the old GUID? Is it possible to happen?
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the internal Mendix GUID is composed of two parts. The first is an identifier for the entity, the second is a sequence number. I think there was some expert learning path that gave some details too...

Those GUIDs are not reused, even after deleting an existing entry (conceptually it works like an autonumber).

Be aware that it’s not so easy to replicate data with the same Mendix GUID’s (e.g. for migrating data).

regards, Fabian