Entity Performance with large number of attributes

I am making a form and there are about 80-100 questions in it. Is it better to make an entity with large number of attributes like 80 attributes in single entity Or to create an entity with 1 attribute and create 80-100 different objects of it with respective questions??   Will there be any performance issues with the above 2 methods?  Also is there is any other optimal way to do this? 
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Personally I would go with one “Questionnaire” object and an object for each question. This has the added benefit of being able to add additional attributes/specializations to each question (for instance, question type for multiple choice, short text, long text, etc).


I think it depends on what you are going to do with the objects. I agree with Eline. It seems to be more logical to have one object per question. It already feels more natural.

That also means that you need to work with lists of objects. With al pros and cons. It may be more work at first sight, but I guess it is worth it.


Hi Prasanth , 

You can use the below module already available in the appstore for Questionnaire , Hope it will help you