How to empty/grey out one column in datagrid on basis of value in another

Hi,   I have datagrid with 3 columns. First column is dropdown with Yes/No values. So if Column 1 is Yes, then column 2 and 3 values will show. If it is No, column 2 and 3 should get either greyed out/emptied or set to 0(numeric columns). I know microflow on change is not possible in normal datagrid and i cannot use anything other than data grid in this situation. Is there a way to resolve this using maybe classes or any other way out?
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Hey there,

I think what you will want to do is use a listview instead:

Create a listview with a layout grid with 3 collumns in which you place the information. Make the 3 columns a fixed width.

In the first column you place the dropdown and all information that follows is either shown or hidden based on conditional visibility.

Above the listview you can use a similar layout grid to show the collumn headers. I have provided an example below