create a new list from multiple non-persistence entity

I am getting data from various APIs and storing it into different non persistence entity. Now I want all these non-persistence entity into a single list.
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Hi Nandini,

Can you clarify the below so that we can better understand and provide a proper solution,

  1. Why you are storing the data in different NPEs?
  2. Do these different entities have different attributes or they share the same schema?
  3. What is the end goal here are you going to save this data from the API within Mendix?


Will update the answer once we get a clear idea of what needs to implemented here. Thanks.


Trying my best here to understand with the info provided,


So after you have created the 2 sets of NPEs from your API calls and imports, you will have two list of NPE1 and NPE2, iterate over these 2 list and create NPEList objects and map Attribute_A and Attribute_B to MainAttribute_1 and MainAttribute_2 of NPEList for NPE1 and map Attribute_C and Attribute_D to MainAttribute_1 and MainAttribute_2 of NPEList for NPE2 respectively. Now you have a single list of NPEList, would this work?