How to create object in data grid on login user, and data retrieve on the data of the login user

Good Day Mendix Expert,   I am new to Mendix, I am struggling to create object in the data grid on specific user, I mean when the user login and open a page where a data grid is created, then the user create object , this is the challenging part for me, “create the object only only on the current login user” not all users. another question is that “ how can a login user retrieve the his data only”. I am hoping you can help on this topic. I am have been struggling to figure out for several days now. Thank you in advance
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Hi Frederick

This can be achieved with entity access. Go to the domain model, click on the entity, enable ‘Store owner’ and go to tab access rules. Add new rule for your regular user specify R/W access for objects, with a path to the owner in the Xpath tab.

This should get you going.

Be sure to check out the academy with learning paths designed to help you so you don’t have to get stuck for days. 



Lets say if you are creating an Employee, you would show the Employee in datagrid entity. Only then you can create that object.

What Sjors has mentioned is:

- in the employee entity, you must select the Store owner

- Then for one of the user role within the module you must add Access rule and set XPATH.

See image below: