Same object different constraints yet value getting copied

I have 2 fields which are noneditable text boxes. Both have same entity called Employee, however are differentiated using contraints: where type='Manager’ and where type='Director’ So there are 2 text fields with same entity as source. For each text field there'’s a search icon which takes to page that displays the list of employees who are either 'Manager’ or 'Director ’ using X-Path. Till here it works correctly as ona pplication when i click on search icon, page opens and for Manager i only see employees who are Manager and for Director i only see ones who are Director. Now, when i select an employee, problem is that the same employee gets copied to the other also. If i select John as manager, it gets saved in as Director also and vice-versa. In the select pop up page, there is a microflow for Select button. On select, the microflow changes object and sets the entity employee. Do i need to add constraint here? If yes, how? Currntly in the microflow there is: change object and then close page. Change object condition:  Set value to $Employee
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