Dummy column addition in data grid

HI Everyone, Greetings of the day, I am developing a data grid where I have a enumeration for updating Renewal status having  4 attributes(Due, In progress, Completed , Cancel ) orders listed according to the their status fetched from a microflow. Now a new  requirement is to update sub status for only one attribute which is In progress under it (Various sub status like order received, Order reviewed kind of attributes) should be present.  My team wants to show these sub status as we go to or hover over  in progress column/row respectively but that should be only for in progress orders if I create a new column that will also create dummy entries for due/completed or cancel orders. Is it possible to create a  dummy column only for specific purpose in mendix?  Please help ! Thank you in Advance.    
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Not sure I’ve completely understood your question but this information below may help.

It’s possible to show a page/tooltip when hovering over a datagrid column, which you mention your team wants to do for your progress column.

Within the tooltip page you would use a dataview of the entity and can show then some text with the attribute for your sub- status. Then on the datagrid properties select the tooltip page, and for the column you want it to appear you have to enable column properties to show tooltip.

There isn’t a way to limit the tooltip page to just certain rows with a certain attribute value but maybe it’s be suitable for you to show the status attribute and then the sub-status so you don’t have a blank tooltip page for those without a sub-status.

Here is tooltips in the documentation: https://docs.mendix.com/refguide8/data-grid#tooltip-page

Column properties: Grid Columns - Studio Pro 8 Guide | Mendix Documentation

If you add a new column for your sub-status attribute, as you also mention as an option, then the column will show empty unless the attribute is set so when changing your main status attribute to something without a sub-status then you can set the sub-status attribute to empty again.