Restore a particular table data alone from Test to UAT Database

Hi Team,   I just want to restore the data of one particular table alone from Test to UAT and production database. It should not disturb the data of other tables. can any one please help on this.   Thanks & Regards, Balaji S
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If the table is small enough to export to Excel, I would recommend exporting the data from Test and importing to UAT with Excel Importer.  With this method, you will need to pay attention to any associations that need to be set between this table and other tables in your app and perhaps set these associations during the import process.

If the table is too large for that, you could try exposing the table as Odata in Test and consuming the data via OData in UAT or building a REST endpoint in Test that UAT can use to retrieve the data – in batches if needed.

Hope that helps,