Autocommitted objects deleted AFTER commit action.

Hello, I have a situation where I have a microflow that is called from a page and which receives 1 object as input parameter. This object is committed in the flow, and after the commit, only a log-action happens before the microflow is finished. Several times a day however, there are log-messages which say that autocommitted objects have been detected and removed. Via logging I have been able to verify that the removed objects passed through the microflow that I described above. Has anybody else ever experienced autocommitted objects being removed although they were passed through a microflow that commits the object? FYI: We are using the Pusher widget to help users have 2 screens open on 2 monitors, on which they can view the same object on both pages. This is our main suspect for the issue, but that's just because we can't think of anything else. If anybody has any other suggestions, I'm very interested.
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I suspect that the autocommited objects that are mentione din the logs are not the objects you pass through the microflow. The autocommit that is also triggered with the commit action looks at the associated objects to keep the domain model in sync. See, this explains in detail what could be happening in your model.