How to create an entity in particular schema of postgreSQL db ?

Hi,       In postgresql database, I have different types of schema and need to create an entity in specific schema of postgresql. Thanks!  
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The Mendix domain model is in control of the database used for the Mendix application. No way that you can use an existing database or schema and convert that in a Mendix domain model.

  1. if you have a schema, and must use that predefined schema for your data in Mendix; 
    Please be advised that this is NOT the way you should approach development in Mendix. The domain model is representing the data as processed through the application, the database is related to that. 
    The domain model should serve the business process covered in the app. And be flexible on changing requirements.
    Optionally you could convert your schema to JSON and use the JSON to create a domain model using JSON snippet & import mapping
  2. If you have an existing database, containing data which should serve the process covert in the Mendix app then you do have to options
    1. Use the database connector to continiously integrate with this DB → scenario used when existing database should remain as is.
    2. Use the database connector to import the existing data → scenario used when data should be imported and existing database can be ditched.