XPath Actions Loading time

Hi Community, I have a question, as I am trying to retrieve data from the “database”, not by association. And trying to retrieve it with some condition using XPath, it’s taking long to fetch the data, around 3 sec to 10 sec.  Which causing the performance issues, of the application. Is there any technic by which I can tune it ? 
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Can you show us your xpath and relevant parts of the domain model? There are several reasons it could take very long:

  • Your table is very large
  • Your table has no indices
  • Your xpath has a lot of complexity (e.g. not() retrieves over association, or retrieves over many associations)
  • etc.


This module in particular can help you learn more about XPath optimizationhttps://academy.mendix.com/link/modules/385/lectures/3111/5.1-Different-Ways-to-Optimize-XPath-Queries