How do i find where the mendix app data is being stored?

I want to find out where the data of mendix app is stored. The app have one entity
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When you deploy your app locally, by default a HSQL database is used, which is stored in the deployment folder of your local checked out model.

When running on a free app it can be found in your online project under environments


But I guess you want to open it and see the database table(s) and records. Right?
In that case viewing the local database can be done by running your app locally and open the databaseviewer from Studio Pro



You can view the built-in database where your data is being stored by navigating to:

Console → Advanced → Start built-in database viewer

This will open the database viewer where you can see al the tables in your database.

You can also run queries in the database viewer to view or modify data stored in the tables.