Set different attributes for reference set selector items

Hi all   I have a use case where I need to assign people a status for each task (eg. To-Do, Doing, Completed). A user can be involved in n tasks and a task can have n users working on it (n:m) Much like this picture:   You can see that User 1 has status “To-Do” on Task 1 and “Doing” on Task 2. The problem is I can’t use an attribute in the user table since then it would change in every task. Also I can’t just add a table column “status” in the user_task relation table, I think. I assume I have to create a entity “status” and set reference to user and task table but then I’m not sure how I should handle the status creation and delete when adding or removing users from a task. Does anybody see an answer to my problem? I hope it was not too confusing.   Thanks
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In addition to the "Task" and "User" entities,
You need a third entity "Assign" to implement this function.

And the "Status" attribute is in the "Assign" entity



I think that just need to note: before saving "Assign", make sure that the same user does not exist in the same task repeatedly.

Other verification rules can be adjusted according to actual conditions.