excel importer module implementation help

can someone help me in explaining how to implement excel importer to import data into mendix entity from excel file? i have already installed mx reflection and community common modules bbut stuck on further steps
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  1. Download and import MX model reflection and Excel importer from Mendix Marketplace.
  2. Add the overview page of Mx model reflection and Excel importer from _USE_ME folder in your App’s navigation.
  3. Run your application locally.
  4. View your application in the browser, you can see MXModelReflection and ExcelImporter.
  5. Go to MXModelReflection, Refresh once by clicking the Click to refresh button under the Modules column.
  6. Choose you Module from Module column for which you are going to use Excel as data.
  7. Go to ExcelIporter click on New template , pop window will get open , Fill the details as shown below 
  8. Give the Random Name and click the right arrow button in Mendix object to choose the entity of the module and fill the other things as it is shown in the below screen shot.
  9. Click save and next.

  1. Go to the columns ->Connect columns to attributes->connect col nr with your excel sheet->choose the primary key->Save.
  2. Go to import file->import your excel from your local device.
  3. Go to Mendix and check your database , you can see the data imported from your Excel sheet.