NewEdit Page with cascade associations

Hi All, This should be easy but I’ve lost already much time and I do not have extra ideas to test. I have a simple Domain Model I generated a NewEdit page for Tasks which shows a dropdown menu for SubProjects. I also need a dropdown menu for Projects and, when I create a new Task, I want to select a Project and see the list of Sub Projects associated with that Project to eventually assign the Task. I can’t find the SubProjects_Projects association and associate a dropdown menu to it, I see that association in the grid.   Any help is much appreciated.
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I think you need one more association – from Task to Project, like this:

Then your page will look like this

And in the Subproject reference selector, you can use the Constrained By feature

Note that the association between task and project is needed to constrain the subprojects.

Hope that helps,



Thank you Mike.

I understand this is probably the only way to achieve it in Mendix, and keep using the available tools for a quick interface deployment. Definitely not a perfect solution from a database standpoint.