How to view and read details of another website on my mendix website?

I want user enter to my website and enter details that have be read from another website and the result appear on my website. How to do this? and please share resource that may help me to do it.   Thank you 
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Hi Nada Juma Albahri

As I understand correctly: you want to end-user to manually enter details from another website into your Mendix application. Correct?

Let’s take Wikipedia as an example. If you want the end-user to manually enter data from Wikipedia, you could create an entity ‘WikipediaInformation’ with attributes ‘HeaderTitle’ (string, 200), ‘WikipediaContent’ (string, unlimited) to enter some content that is interesting, attribute ‘DateConsulted’ (datetime) to fill in the date when the end-user used the Wikipedia source and an attribute ‘WikipediaUrl’ (string, 200) to enter the URL of the Wikipedia article.

Once you have created the Entity and its attributes, you can right-click the entity and generate overview pages. That way, you’ll get an overview of all the Wikipedia-articles your end-user has consulted and a Create/Edit page to manually enter the data/alter the data when needed.

More information can be found here:

These are the basics.

However, your “use case” to manually enter data from different websites is maybe not that interesting (why not provide URL’s to redirect from your app?).

You can always check if you can automatically pull the data from another application. For example, Wikipedia has API endpoints where you can easily map your data in your Mendix application as well. As Nicole Baptista reacted, you can also have a look here, that way you don’t need to manually copy-paste everything. Do note that not every website has API-endpoints.

I hope this helps.

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