Database Storage High Consumption

Hi All,  I am working on an application in which there are two entity one is HC Data having 95000 records in it & other one is Accounts table having 8000 records in it. Relation between HC data & account table is many to many.  When I am try to associate the HC data record with account table on the basis of users country. In the creation of 10000 association my 2GB database is consumed in it. Is it possible to consume 2GB in 10000 association, there is no image or file document as well? How mendix stores these association in database?  How can I process 95000 thousand record , it will clog my whole database? Does anyone have any information Why & How it's happening? Any suggestion would be helpful. Thanks, Bhanu Chauhan
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Based on the available information I cannot answer your question, as to much is unknown, I do have some additional questions;

  1. How many attributes per entity?
  2. Are there other references?
  3. Are there just 2 entities?
  4. String values; limited (and which size) or unlimited?
  5. Do you have indexes and how many?


as reference: I do have a model with 15+ modules, 150+ entities, 5-10 attributes/entity and significant data set, which consumes in production 2.7GB