Best Practises. If you set an association to empty in the modeller does it delete the record in the database, of the associated table?

Hi All We have linked entities to registered user to show who has worked on these entities. If we run thru these entities and set the entity_RegisteredUser association to empty will it delete the record in the entity_RegisteredUser table in the database? Most for these are transactional data and should not be linked to registered user but have a text field for the user at that point in time. Regards, Patrick  
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Setting an association between to entities to empty will not delete the objects. So if the records need to be deleted then explicitly delete the objects this will also automatically delete the associations as the objects no longer exist.


If youo want to keep the objects but only remove the association then set the association to empty for the object and only the association will be removed the objects will remain available in the database.