Import Excel to Create BOM

Do we have any app which takes Excel as input and creates a BOM in Mendix? If any one has worked on this useacase, please share your experience and suggestions.
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By BOM I mean Bill of Materials which is organized in a hierarchical structure ( Tree View)


Sub Assy

Part 1

Part 2

This data I will have in excel with data with columns

ID, Name, Level, Quantity

001, Assembly, 1, 1

002, Sub Assy, 2, 1

003, Part 1, 3, 1

004, Part 2, 3, 1

Level Column will define the structure of BOM.


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Now on topic. If you create a domain model in Mendix you could use the Excel importer to get the data inside Mendix. I would advise to not directly import it in the main objects but create import objects that you can then copy over to the objects you want to use. This way you have a lot more control on the importdata so you can transform attributes if needed or do validation checks.