Can I run out of GUIDs if I create and immediately discard too many persistable objects?

We search information in an external service. It returns a results list, we convert it to a list of persistable objects, but don’t commit them. We then manually choose one of the results, commit it and create a reference to it in another persistable object. The rest of the converted results is discarded. We use persistable entities for the sake of simplicity because the UI widgets like reference selector don’t support non-persistable entities. If we discard 1000 objects each time we commit one would their GUIDs be wasted? How is the generation implemented anyway? Is a database sequence used?  
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I don’t think you really need to care about the GUIDs. Mendix takes care of it for you under the hood. I’ve seen applications with a large number of records in the database table.

AFAIK, the Guid is a combination of entity id and sequence id. Take a look at this forum post:

NOTE: I assume you’re referring to the Mendix Id field here which is not directly available for instance in a microflow and which it uses to maintain associations etc.