How to run VACUUM FULL query for Mendix Postgressql database in production environment

Hi Team, Could you someone guide me on how to run VACUUM FULL query for the Mendix Postgressql database. I know how to run the query for my local database. I have used pgadmin to run the query for my local database. But I don’t have an idea how to run the same query for the applications which is deployed in Mendix cloud. Please shed some light here. Thanks in advance.  
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This post has interesting information about your question:

Basically you need to take a backup of you database and then restore it to the Mendix cloud. Mendix also states this in their documentation →

2 Recovering Physical Disk Space

Physical disk space can be recovered by creating a database backup, and then restoring it.

A database restore does a full physical rewrite of the database. It will compress the database to contain just the current records, and fully optimize the physical placement of files on the actual hard disk to maximize the performance of disk read operations.

You can create and restore a backup in the Mendix Developer Portal on the Deploy -> Backup page.

Hope this helps!