Maintaining Association between two entities with SQL data load

Hi all, I'm new in Mendix Development area ; After following the trainings "Become a Rapid Developer" and  "Expand Your Domain Modeling Skills", I was wondering if it was possible to maintain the integrity between two entities when the entity data are loaded through an SQL query (using Database connector) or by data replication, I mean having the association data fed automatically. An exemple of the behavior I'm looking for would be : ProductCategory entity data are loaded from a RDBMS table (SQL Server), the same for Product table (it contains details information about the products) into a Product entity. A parent-child relation exists between both table in the source relational database. Does the association, previously created, "a Product pertain to a one Category, one Category has multiple Products" is maintained automatically in the the Mendix Domain during the SQL or Replication data load of both entities  ? If not, how to achieve it Thanks for helping
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If you use the database connector, when configuring the mapping correctly,

Mendix will take care of the associations in Mendix.