Empty database after publishing app to sandbox environment

I have the peculiar case of my database being empty after publishing my app changes to the Mendix cloud environment. We have little clue as to why publishing our changes would have caused this. Has anyone come across a similar issue?   
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No, and I have been publishing to a sandbox for years now, so I am pretty confident about the technique doing those releases. That is no guarentee though.

Check the database-commands by looking at the live-log while you publish. That might give you a clue.

Also, is this a one time incident or does it happen often or always?


It turned out that we overlooked something. 

We were a bit overly cautious making changes to the app, and chose to duplicate our Main module (creating Main_2 and in doing so, creating new entities) While developing we worked and tested everything using this new module and eventually changed all navigation to navigate to pages using these entities. Not realizing it would not “automagically” transfer the data to our identically named entity tables.

Learned something new at least! Will leverage the SVN better next time we develop our changes.

Now for deciding how to approach transferring our changes/data...

Thanks for the reply!