Access Primary Key ID from Mendix System tables

We are currently building an application using Mendix Workflow. As per our requirement, we need to access the unique primary key of system workflow tables in microflow and in Email Template as well. However we can not access the ‘id’ attribute, neither through microflow nor through email template configuration UI. The attribute is missing from the available attribute selection list. Please refer below screenshot. The id column is visible when select query is executed in DB. We are using MySQL DB. Can you please help me with a way to access the primary key id from Mendix System tables? Mainly we require to access the workflowusertask table’s primary key to access unique task ID.  
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Hi Anushree,

You can use the community commons module from marketplace GetGuid function. You would have to write a microflow to retrieve this via java action and populate in the NPE entity so that it is accessible to your email template.

Hope this helps!